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Sample Summer Groups at StoreySmith Pediatric Clinic

Cooking/Social: These groups will be carrying out cooking tasks from beginning to end, individually and as a group. They will be planning, preparing, cooking, and eating. Through child participation, therapists will address healthy eating, picky eating or sensory sensitivity, group social interactions, and completing tasks start to finish.

Sports Group: This group will be engaging in a variety of leisure sports and yard games. The group will focus on required skills of the games and work their way up to competitive play. Children with low endurance, low strength, poor balance, poor visual motor skills, and difficulties in competitive or cooperative play would be appropriate for this group.

School Readiness:  These groups will focus on school readiness skills such as social interactions, turn taking skills, arts and crafts, circle time, prewriting/writing skills, and following directions. Children with difficulties in attention, fine motor or visual motor delays, social and group interactions would benefit from this group focusing on remediation and accommodation in preparation for the next school year.

Woodworking:  This group will be planning, preparing, and completing a variety of wood working projects individually and as a group. Children with difficulties in motor planning, sequencing, social interactions, strength, coordination, attention, and project completion would benefit from this group.

Friendship:  These groups will be engage in group play activities to facilitate social problem solving and social interactions. Children who struggle with turn taking skills, social interactions, motor delays, sensory processing skills would be appropriate for this group.

Farm Group:  This group will take place at a local farm where the group members will be performing various “jobs” individually and/or as a group. Teenagers who have difficulties with executive functioning, social interactions, low endurance and strength would be appropriate for this group. The goal is to gain skills needed for community integration and/or early job skills.

Gardening: This group will be an occupational exploration of a leisure activity for the purposes of relaxation, focus, and socialization. Individuals will be therapeutically challenged to work as a group to plan and create in order to complete a weekly goal. Leaders will facilitate success in social problem solving, activity problem solving, and exploration of texture in order to improve executive function skills, social skills, and sensory defensiveness and/or seeking behaviors.

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